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Zeta Spotlight: Omar Mardini

Name: Omar Mardini

Pronouns: he/him

Major: BFA Theatre (Arts Management/Directing) '21

Minor: Business Studies and Entrepreneurship (E3)

Pledge class: Fall 2019

Position in Zeta: Secretary

What made you decide to join Zeta?

I decided to join Zeta because I found myself looking for a group of people who I could connect to on an intimate scale, yet still have similar professional goals and aspirations for our futures.

What are you involved in on campus besides Zeta?

I am a Student Ambassador at the Visitor's Center (#SAMBA), Ambassador for the Department of Performing Arts, I'm the Events Director for Kidding Around, I work with Emerson Stage and student theatre in a variety of different disciplines, from acting to directing and everything in between.

How has Zeta helped you professionally and personally?

Professionally, it has helped me on a large scale like finding the right internship for me, to on a small scale when it's as simple as getting a Zeta to look over my cover letter for me, or just that dash of confidence I need in an interview or in the work space. Personally, it has given me a support system like no other; a group of people who I know will hear me and be there for me unconditionally. It has made me feel safe and loved during my time art Emerson.

What are three professional goals/aspirations you have?

-To be respected and remembered for my work

-To be doing something I am actually passionate about

-To be a supportive leader

What is a piece of advice you would give to your freshman self? Breathe, take a minute, and always do what your heart tells you to do.

What is an organization you'd like to highlight and bring attention to or a cause you're passionate about?

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