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Zeta Spotlight: Samara Chahine

Name: Samara Chahine / @samarachahine

Pronouns: she/they

Major: Theatre & Performance '21

Minors: Sociology & Anthropology and Peace & Social Justice

Pledge class: Spring 2020

Position in Zeta: Historian

What made you decide to join Zeta?

I decided to join Zeta because I didn't want to just be friends with the people I enjoyed being around, I wanted to work and collaborate with them, too. To me, Zeta has provided me with not only a family of people that I can always count on, but a group of leaders and trailblazers that inspire me to push myself harder, stronger, and faster each and every day.

What are you involved in on campus besides Zeta?

.I work as the Executive Marketing Director for Emerson Shakespeare Society, as well as the Resident Dramaturg of Kidding Around! I'm an upcoming Orientation Leader and a current student ambassador for Emerson Stage's Acting Area for 2021-22 season planning!

How has Zeta helped you professionally and personally?

Zeta has helped me in so many different ways, especially when it comes to believing in myself and my abilities as a student leader. Professionally, it's given me the tools and the confidence to speak up for myself, get my head in the game, and keep going until I get what I want. It's opened the door to a whole new network of peers, colleagues, and mentors who have showed me. Personally, it's given me a family. It's given me the gift of people who think like me, understand me, and fight for me. Truly, it's one of the best gifts I've ever received in my life.

What are three professional goals/aspirations you have?

Three professional aspirations I have are:

1. To publish my own poetry book

2. To work as a UN Ambassador

3. To create an organization that supports and provides legal assistance to survivors of sexual assault

What is a piece of advice you would give to your freshman self? One piece of advice I would give my freshman self is to stop trying so hard. Being yourself, trusting yourself, and loving yourself is the easiest way to find happiness and content in the work you do.

What is an organization you'd like to highlight and bring attention to or a cause you're passionate about?

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) is an incredible organization that addresses the causes and impact of sexual violence through funding, education, and research. They work directly with institutions and organizations to better educate them to better work with and support survivors.

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