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What is Zeta Phi Eta?

Zeta Phi Eta is a National Professional Fraternity in Communication Arts and Sciences, the oldest national group of its kind. We are gender-inclusive; our membership comprises of men, women, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming students at Emerson College. 

Our mission is:

  1. To band together individuals committed to high standards in communication arts and sciences;

  2. To provide opportunities for sharing professional interests through participation in worthwhile activities in the fields of communication;

  3. To provide a climate in which members may develop sound professional philosophies; and

  4. To stimulate and encourage all worthy enterprises in the communication fields.

Learn more about Zeta's history and philanthropy work.

Who is in Zeta Phi Eta?

Zeta Phi Eta's membership take pride in playing an active role on Emerson’s campus. Our siblings can be found in nearly every campus organization and have taken on several leadership roles.

Our members are currently active leaders in the following organizations:


  • ERA Awards

  • EVVY Awards

  • Half Sister Magazine

  • Milk Crate


  • RareWorks

  • Student Visitor Center

  • WECB

  • YourMagazine

Check out the current members of Zeta Phi Eta, and learn more about joining Zeta.

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