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Spring 2023 Recruitment: Hotel Zeta

Each semester, Zeta takes in a talented New Member Education Class exemplifying the traits and values of the fraternity. The New Members learn both professional skills and social values through their New Member Education Process, setting them on the path to bright futures. Zeta Phi Eta is always searching for those who would like to further their professional interests, as well as find a supportive community during their time at Emerson. 

For more information about coming out for Zeta next semester, please contact Vice President, Anthony Paladino at 

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 3.23.28 AM.png

New Member Education Class of Fall 2022:

Jason Korn, Susan Eyring, Grace Hunter Brower, Charly Peña

Welcome! Zeta loves you <3 


Previous Recruitments


Fall 2022 Recruitment:

Fill Your Cup


Spring 2022 Recruitment:

Who Wants to be a Zeta?

NMEC Spring '22: Mia Michaeil, Nyasia Mayes

NMEC Spring '22: Nyasia Mayes, Mia Michaeil

Zeta Poster Final.jpeg

Fall 2021 Recruitment:

Ignite Your Passions


NMEC Fall '21: Ana Pineda-Gonzalez, Daniella Lopez White, Neiko Pittman, Hannah Freeman, Anthony Paladino

Flyer Recruitment Spring 2021.JPG

Spring 2021 Recruitment: Become Your Best Self


NMEC Spring '21: Lilly Meehan-Egan, Juanma Suarez Teissoniere, Hannah Nilsson, Trevor Yost, and our honorary zeta, Panda. 


Spring 2020 Recruitment:

Make Your Masterpiece


NMEC Spring '20: Meghan Dresdner, -, Maddie Wicker, -, -, Lisa Mears, Samara Chahine, Christina Sugimoto, Gabby D'Ostilio, Dom Letterii, Anthony Rodriguez, Bryn Gregory, Alexa McAvoy (not pictured) 

Fall 2019 Recruitment:

Level Up

NMEC Fall '19: Chandler David, Molly Reeves, Omar Mardini, Jacob Sockett, Jesse Fulton, Caja Leshinger, Jonah Puskar, Grace Goodell, Naomi Jones, Jaclyn Galvin, Madeline Harrant, Juliette Hoernle, Cassie Shelley, Gaby Leonel, Kelleigh Levesque, Brittany Adames, Alyssa Lara, Julia Christian, Lizzie Heintz, Molli DeRosa, Tom Garback, Sonali Anand, Jack Billotti

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